Manis Manis Rooftop of Borneo Resort

Are you looking for a spot amidst the wild to relax and unwind? Or are you a nature lover who are keen to explore and discover the wonders of tropical jungle?

Manis Manis Rooftop of Borneo Resort is the right place for you!


Located at the heart of Crocker Range Park, a UNESCO accorded World Biosphere Reserve, Manis Manis Rooftop of Borneo Resort serves as a gateway to the hidden natural treasures within Sabah’s rainforest. Rafflesia, fern, orchid, jungle vines and lianas are among the interesting collection you will find. If you are skilful, you will be able to spot endemic species of birds, insects, and frogs. And if you are extremely lucky, you might encounter slow loris, sambar deer or even clouded leopard!

Our resort is an ideal venue for relaxation, jungle trekking, camping, nature education and also meeting. Accommodation available at affordable prices whether you are planning a family outing, school trip, company refresher training or wedding. Come enjoy the cool mountain breeze and the sound of nature, with temperature around 18°C at night and 24°C during day time.

This resort is 105 km from Kota Kinabalu city and takes about 2 hours to reach. It is easily accessible by taking the KK-Keningau bus. The bus will stop at the main entrance of the resort which is about 10 minutes walk to the reception area.

Crocker Range Park

Crocker Range with its 139,919 hectares of land, is the home to thousands of flora and fauna, some are endemic to Borneo. The huge undisturbed mixed dipterocarp forest (MDF) and pristine montane & upper montane mossy forest is particularly very high in species diversity. About twice the size of Singapore, the park is home to some 106 species of mammals, including the endangered Clouded Leopard, Sun Bear and Borneo’s iconic Orang Utan. Scientist has found over 260 species of birds, 52 species of reptiles, 67 species of anurans, and also at least 26 species of fresh water fish. There are also several hundreds species of insects living in this ecosystem. Many hidden species are still awaiting to be discovered, with research being conducted from time to time.

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